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"In Hortis...Aegri Somnia"


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Release: 2016
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Bisclaveret - In Hortis...Aegri Somnia CD

File under: Ritual / Dark / Funeral Ambient. Limited edition of 300 in 6-panel Eco-Digifile!

On its 15th anniversary, Bisclaveret has gathered a special compilation collecting early recordings from their first CDR releases "Aegri Somnia" and "In Hortis", plus selected songs from their concert album "Er Roud El Aater fi Nezaha El Khater" – PLUS a number of new versions and previously unreleased songs. "In Hortis... Aegri Somnia" is a summary of their ritual / funeral ambient recordings from their darker beginnings.
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Label:Dark Vinyl
3.Duch Moj
4.Kim Jestem
5.Fulfill The Prophecy
7.Aegri Somnia
8.Duch Moj Mmv
9.Succubus (English Version)
10.Er Roud El Aater Fi Nezaha El Khater (Live)
11.Insane In God (Live)
12.Aegri Somnia (Live)
13.Outro (Live)