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Black Heaven




Release: 2011
Status: Sold out
Black Heaven - Dystopia CD

From the very beginning, Black Heaven was much more than the mere side project of Mantus mastermind Martin Schindler. Destined to be an artistic complement to Mantus, the missing jigsaw piece in Martin's work, Black Heaven creates darkly electronic visions that in no way fall behind the profound depth of the Gothic figurehead that is Mantus. Now, three years after the last album, Black Heaven returns - with the equally long awaited and essential 'Dystopia'.

After the aptly titled retrospective ...
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InfraRot item number:2010.079
Label's catalogue number:TRI 443
1.Das Tor Zur Welt
2.Lächelnd Geht Die Welt Zugrunde
3.Die Zeit Die Bleibt
5.Neues Blut
6.Schwarze Asche
7.Himmel Ohne Sterne
8.Ich Spielte Dort Am Großen Teich
9.Ich Bin Es Nicht
10.Ich Sehe
11.Licht Bricht Dunkelheit
12.Was Auch Immer Du Tust
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