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Black Lung

"Innovation. Participation. Reward"


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Release: 2014
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Black Lung - Innovation. Participation. Reward CD

synergetic participation often leads to innovation, growth in intellectual capital and a (sometimes) remarkably positive dividend. the pan-national ayn rand institute is proud of its role in bringing together these leading innovators in electronic environmental enhancement.already acknowledged as a classic in the genre of inspirational / motivational electronic music, black lung’s 'the great golden goal' herein benefits from strategic capital injection, asset consolidation and focussed rebranding. the rewards are manifold and on-flow bilaterally - a material / philosophical benefit toward the content creators and a bountiful reward of sensory stimulus for the client / consumer.hear. here.(xavierbrookes-thepan-nationalaynrandinstitute 2014c.e.)

'innovation. participation. reward' is the ...
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