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Black Lung

"The Great Golden Goal"


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Release: 2014
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Black Lung - The Great Golden Goal CD

motivational pieces specifically designed for workspace, gym, competition cycling, internal value conditioning and reflexive behavior modification events. the great golden goal. the sale. the highest expression and most pure distillation of kinetic energy and evolved physical relationships. the logical end-point of all human endeavor. commerce. exchange. intercourse. innovation. participation. reward. upc 821272212027. release date: 13.june.2014

our every interaction as a ...
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1.01. The Business Of Selling
2.02. The Prophet Margin
3.03. The Great Golden Goal
4.04. The Cold Call
5.05. Access To Excess
6.06. Hype & Drive
7.07. Options/solutions
8.08. The Great Equalizer
9.09. Consumption Deluxe
10.10. The Trickle-Down Effect
11.11. We Dream Of
12.The Pyramid Scheme
13.12. The Brotherhood Of Saturn
14.13. A Valuable And Rewarding Two Minutes For Contemplation/reflection
15.14. The Business Of Selling (Munter S. Thomson Remix)
16.15. The Business Of Buying (Monster Zoku Onsomb! Remix) Motivational Pieces Spec