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Black Tape For A Blue Girl

"Bike Shop (Limited Edition)"


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Release: 2016
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Black Tape For A Blue Girl - Bike Shop (Limited Edition) MLP

Limited edition of strictly 500 copies, of which most were pre-sold through the band's web- and bandcamp pages already! 150 gram custom colour vinyl (Yellowish with black swirl). Moody darkwave with a stirring vocal performance from Michael Plaster of Soul Whirling Somewhere and drums from The Dresden Doll's Brian Viglione. Featuring Sam’s delicate acoustic guitar work, these four songs are interconnected, intimate stories of a broken heart. Melancholy vocal melodies, acoustic guitar & Moog electronics. Only one of the four tracks on Bike Shop appears on the band's new album These Fleeting Moments.

The 12” comes stickered with the selling points:

• 150 gram custom color vinyl (yellow with black swirl)• LTD edition of 500• Download code included• 3 unreleased tracks• Michael of Soul whirling somewhere on vocals• Brian of Dreseden Dolls on drums
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1.A1 Bike Shop / Absolute Zero [03:08]
2.A2 The Cabin [03:34]
3.B1 Vega [02:20]
4.B2 She's Gone [04:04]