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Black Tape For A Blue Girl

"Tenderotics (Limited Edition)"


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Release: 2013
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Black Tape For A Blue Girl - Tenderotics (Limited Edition) CD

Tenderotics presents 14 remixed and reimagined versions of tracks off Blacktape's 10 Neurotics album. Remixers Steve Roach, Erik Wøllo, Android Lust, Steve Jones, Attrition, Valerie Gentile, and Sam Rosenthal approach the pieces with fresh ears, creating reinterpretations that come off more electronic and edgy than one would expect.

The Milly Mix of "Marmalde ...
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1.The Perfect Pervert (Erik Wøllo Mix)
2.Marmalade Cat (Milly Mix By Steve Jones)
3.Rotten Zürich Cafe (Valerie Gentile Mix)
4.Tell Me You’Ve Taken Another (Martyr Mix By Android Lust)
5.In Dystopia (Unwoman Mix)
6.Caught By A Stranger (Milly Mix By Steve Jones)
7.Feel Your Pulse Quicken (Steve Roach Mix)
8.Love Song (Steve Roach Mix)
9.Istrike (As Lonely As Dave Bowman Mix)
10.Perfectpurity (Sam Rosenthal Mix)
11.Inch Worm (Attrition Mix)
12.Caughtstranger (Sam Rosenthal Mix)
13.Zürichstrings (Sam Rosenthal Mix)
14.Halo Star (2013) (Black Tape For A Blue Girl With Erik Wøllo)