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"25 Years Anniversary + Hope ... (Limited Edition)"


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Release: 2010
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Blackhouse - 25 Years Anniversary + Hope ... (Limited Edition) 2CD

In order to celebrate the 25th birthday of the legendary american experimental-industrial project Blackhouse, M-tronic is proud to release a double CD including the re-release of the long deleted album "Hope..." and a full new 25 years CD including unreleased tracks, speaches by Brian Ladd himself, collaborations and remixes by Le Syndicat, Brume, Hypnoskull, PBK, Orphx, Pacific 231 and more, and some special surprises.

Digipak 3-Panel Digipak in special Matte Varnish Paper, limited to strictly 500 copies!
InfraRot sales rank:2,135
InfraRot item number:2006.488
Label's catalogue number:AS33
1.Spoken 1
2.Totally Gone
3.Spoken 2
4.5 Minutes After I Die (PBK)
5.Spoken 3
6.Pro-life (Le Syndicat)
7.Spoken 4
8.Redemption Korrosiv Force Brute Mix (Pacific 231)
9.Spoken 5
10.Happy Birthday (Scott Gibbons)
11.Spoken 6
12.Das Schwarze Haus (1979)
13.Spoken 7
14.Reborn Barrier Volts (Schmagfengarten)
15.Spoken 8
16.Se* Se* Se* (GX Juppiter Larsen)
17.Spoken 9
18.Millenium (Turner)
19.Spoken 10
20.Whispers Of Love (Orphx)
21.Spoken 11
22.5 Mins Before I Die (Brume)
23.Spoken 12
24.Totally Gone (Hypnoskull)
25.Hope Like A Candle
27.What Do You Know About Me?
28.Roger Wasn't...
29.Let Me Count The Ways
31.Mercy Seat
32.The 2 Classes Of People
33.Be Good
35.Long Live Life
36.30 Seconds To 13 30 Minutes