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"Morgen über uns"



Release: 2016
Status: Sold out
Blackie - Morgen über uns LP

Genetic Music has always had an eye for quality. The German imprint has scanned the past and explored the present to bring the very best in Minimal Synth and New Wave to the ears of those with an anti-disposition. Of late, it has been Genetic’s sister label No EMB Blanc that has been on releasing form. Maintaining this trend of top notch synth come two new names to the genre: Rossetti’s Compass and Blackie. […] Another new name to the No EMB Blanc roster are Germany based Blackie. The duo of Christian Wruck and Jan Büther cut their teeth with Morgen Über Uns. Measured and methodical machine music is the focal point from the outset. “Outset” is pared back and stripped down EBM. Neon street lights flash into eyeshot. The driving hammer of “Ich Und Du” pushes ever forward. Beats across the album are quick and mechanical. The speed race of “You Don’t Know What I Know” pierces past, taunting the listener with slender spikes of snare and synth. Across the record is a very perceptible threat of violence. Industrial undercurrents rumble, similar to ///TENSE///, but these murmurings suppressed by calmed German vocals. The storm is unleashed in a hail of apathy and distorted beats. “Suicide” keeps those vitriolic vocals alongside a coursing beat, a drum clap churned up into a gravelly rasp. But the dawn is finally allowed to illuminate this factory clad soundscape. “Kein Verkehr” sees beats removed and replaced by a reverberating bass. The light emitted is a cold, winter’s sunshine, and an emotive climax to an excellent debut outing.

No EMB Blanc bravely focuses ...
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2.Ich Und Du
3.Was Für Ein Land
4.Blicke Für Die Ewigkeit
5.You Don‘T Know What I Know
6.Du Bist So Wie Ich Dich Seh
7.Zeig Es Mir
8.Stimmt Das Gefühl
10.Kein Verkehr