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"As Nations Decay (Limited Edition)"


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Release: 2015
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Blakopz - As Nations Decay (Limited Edition) 2CD

Limited to 100 hand-numbered copies worldwide, incl. 2nd CD with 12 tracks, of which 9 are previously unreleased! Collector’s edition reissue of the current album from the US hardstyle industrial act! Since their debut in 2012, BLAKOPZ served as support act for Aesthetic Perfection, opened for Suicide Commando, FGFC820 & Tactical Sekt in the US, and made their first European live appearance in 2013 at Resistanz Festival UK.This 2CD edition comes packed with an outstanding array of top-drawer remixes from the likes of labelmates CYFER- DYNE, CYGNOSIC, TERROLOKAUST, SIRUS, SERAPHIM SYSTEM, DYM and RUINIZER alongside scene stal-warts like ALIEN VAMPIRES, NOISUF-X and ESA or emerging talent like CHAINREACTOR & WYCHDOKTOR.Presented in 2CD jewelcase with 12-panel fold-out lyric booklet and a carton sleeve overcase (featuring alternate cover art by Vlad McNeally), the 2CD Limited Edition of “As Nations Decay” comprises of the original 15-track CD release as CD1 (including remixes by AESTHETIC PERFECTION, ALTER DER RUINE and CRYOGENIC ECHELON as bonus tracks), and the 12-track CD2 “Nations Reborn” - strictly limited to 100 copies only, all individually hand numbered on the inside of the traycard.
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