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Bleib Modern

"Vale of Tears (Limited Edition)"


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Release: 2016
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Bleib Modern - Vale of Tears (Limited Edition) LP

Limited edition of strictly 500.

Different artwork to the CD and including the VOCAL version of the track ‘Vale’.

The German post punk band BLEIB MODERN doesn't sleep. After the incredibly well received Debut 'All is fair in Love and War', the one-man project turned into a real band of 5 members. All musicians played music for many years - and that is what you will definitely hear on their new album 'Vale of Tears'. It's a mixture of the old style and many new influences like cold wave, shoegaze, noise rock and synth sounds. Still: the sound of BLEIB MODERN remains melancholic and psychedelic.
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Label:Wave Records
1.A1 Dust
2.A2 I Don´t Like You
3.A3 Inside
4.A4 Bother
5.A5 Blackened Soul
6.A6 Vale (Vocal)
7.B1 Their Changing Faces
8.B2 Paper Skin
9.B3 In Full Bloom
10.B4 Empty Vessel
11.B5 Lone