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"The Way To Nowhere"


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Release: 2010
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Bleiburg - The Way To Nowhere CDR

This CDR contains a 4 page black/white booklet. It is handnumbered and limited to only 100 copies.
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InfraRot item number:2006.776
Label's catalogue number:SLCDR101-10
1.We Will Walk Alone
2.A Sign For A Sound
3.Protect Your Shadow
4.The Way To Nowhere
5.Bits And Bites
6.Galactic Angel
7.Die Bastard
8.A Cold Reality
9.Impressions Of Zagreb
10.The Workpiece
11.We Will Win
12.Minimal Baby
13.Fast Forward
14.At That Moment
15.Zero Stomping
16.Feel The Energy (Featuring - Rhesus Factor)
17.We Are Robots (Featuring - Rhesus Factor)
18.I Love Your Body (Featuring - Rhesus Factor)
19.Back From Outta Space (Featuring - Rhesus Factor)