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Blood Axis

"The Gospel Of Inhumanity"



Release: 2015
Status: Sold out
Blood Axis - The Gospel Of Inhumanity LP

Limited red vinyl edition of 250 copies.The debut album and an absolute milestone in military-verged Neoclassical music has been re-released! Housed in the original digipak artwork, this is a blend mixture of military rhythms and classical parts with traditional instruments and the strong voice of Michael Moynihan. The Gospel of Inhumanity was engineered, recorded, mixed and mastered at Absinthe Studios, 1994-2013. The art design, liner notes, and calligraphy for this LP release were done at the spring equinox of 2013.
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Label:Storm Records
1.The Gospel Of Inhumanity 5:48
2.The Voyage (Canto I) 4:35
3.Eternal Soul 4:04
4.Between Birds Of Prey 8:16
5.Herr, Nun Laß In Frieden 5:02
6.Reign I Forever 6:16
7.Absinthe 7:07
8.Storm Of Steel 10:10