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Blood God

"No Brain.But balls!!!"


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Release: 2012
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Blood God - No Brain.But balls!!! 2CD

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InfraRot item number:9942.610
Label:Blood God Records
Label's catalogue number:6413782
1.Blowjob Barbie
3.Blood God
4.Nasty Lover
5.Stupid But Sexy
6.This Woman Makes Me Crawl
7.No Brain But Balls
8.Psycho Pussy
10.Rock The Hell - Out Of Me
11.Love And Pain
12.Hangover From Hell
13.Hard Rock Party Bus
14.Sex Kitten
15.Blowjob Barbie (Debauchery Style)
16.Womanizer (Debauchery Style)
17.Nasty Lover (Debauchery Style)
18.Stupid But Sexy (Debauchery Style) 2
19.This Woman Makes Me Crawl (Debauchery Style)
20.No Brain But Balls (Debauchery Style)
21.Psycho Pussy (Debauchery Style)
22.Lovemaker (Debauchery Style)
23.Rock The Hell - Out Of Me (Debauchery Style)
24.Love And Pain (Debauchery Style)
25.Hangover From Hell (Debauchery Style)
26.God Hard Rock Party Bus (Debauchery Style)
27.God Sex Kitten (Debauchery Style)