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Blush Response

"Future Tyrants"


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Release: 2015
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Blush Response - Future Tyrants MLP

joey blush aka blush response hails from nyc but is very much a resident of germany's capital nowadays. in fact, he's so popular there already that he's landed on philipp strobel and gabriel brero's aufnahme + wiedergabe, home to like-minded ebm enthusiasts and darkwave specialists. 'future tyrants' itself is a pulsating slice of noise-filtered techno, and 'civilian slaughter' scraps the straight beats in favour of pure chaos in the form of huge walls of cavernous sonics. the flip sees the nastiness that 'seven rays' deliver some pounding, head-tripping kick drums amid squelching sounds, and the more minimalistic 'fenix' deliver some real poison. nasty!
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Label:aufnahme + wiedergabe
1.Civilian Slaughter
2.Future Tyrants
3.Seven Rays