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Blush Response



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Release: 2016
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Blush Response - Reshaper CD

New album after the well received previous ‘Tension Strategies’ on Basic Unit Produc-tions. The intention behind blush response is to always push the limits of sound, structure, and perception, creating a modern version of what he perceives industrial music to be: brutal, inventive, uncompromising and always innovative. Throbbing Gristle, Surgeon or FRONT 242 have left audible traces in his sound, and his goal is to recapture the core spirit of these originators, and then to evolve it even further. His live performances are 100% improvised and mostly unplanned which includes mistakes and happy accidents, and this philosophy is also reflected in his studio work, cha-racterized by a heavy approach to sound design, combining rough, glitch-heavy beats with thick, distorted synths. pounding, head-tripping kick drums intermix with abrasive, dark sequences generating huge walls of cavernous sonics. A pulsating slice of straightforward noise-filtered techno with a good dose of industrial and EBM influences. Blush Response is Joey Blush, a Cuban-American artist and sound designer hailing from New York (now residing in Berlin), that hearkens back to heyday of EBM yet maintains a sense of currency! Blush cut his teeth doing programming work for artists such as Fear Factory, Rhys Fulber, and as a touring member of Joey Jordison (Slipknot)'s alternative rock project Scar the Martyr.
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7.Pain Process
8.Screaming Fist
9.Wearing Thinner