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"History – The Vinyl Collection (Limited Box Set)"



Release: 2016
Status: Sold out
Blutengel - History – The Vinyl Collection (Limited Box Set) 10LP

Fan and collector's dreams are finally coming true! Limited to 499 copies world-wide, the box set “History – The Vinyl Collection” brings the first 5 albums of Berlin-based Dark-Pop-legend Blutengel to vinyl for the first time, ever.

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Label:Out Of Line
1.A1 Introduction
2.A2 Beauty Of Suffering
3.A3 Goddess Of Lies
4.B1 Weg Zu Mir
5.B2 Das Blut Der Ewigkeit
6.B3 My Time
7.B4 Desire
8.A1 Du Tanzt
9.A2 Leave The World
10.A3 No God
11.B1 Warriors Of Destiny
12.B2 Suicide
13.B3 Demon Of Temptation
14.B4 Foot Worship
15.A1 Welcome To The Suicide (Intro)
16.A2 Seelenschmerz
17.A3 I'm Dying Alone
18.A4 Der Spiegel
19.B1 Schmerz 1 – Liebe
20.B2 Die With You
21.B3 Run Away
22.B4 Soul Of Ice
23.A1 Schmerz 2 – Lust
24.A2 Bloody Pleasures
25.A3 Children Of The Night
26.A4 Schmerz 3 – Einsamkeit
27.B1 Any Chance
28.B2 Road To Hell
29.B3 Schmerz – Tod
30.B4 After Death (Outro)
31.A1 Angel Dust 1
32.A2 Stranded
33.A3 Vampire Romance Part 1
34.A4 Vampire Romance Part 2
35.B1 The End Of Love
36.B2 Iron Heart
37.B3 Our Time
38.A1 Wonderland
39.A2 Angel Dust 2
40.A3 Black Wedding
41.A4 I Will Follow
42.A5 Silent Death
43.B1 Angel Of The Night
44.B2 Keine Ewigkeit
45.B3 Night Of Sin
46.B4 Angel Dust
47.A1 Angel Of The Dark
48.A2 Forever
49.A3 Silent Tears (For You)
50.A4 In The Distance
51.B1 Solitary Angel
52.B2 Love Killer
53.B3 Senseless Life
54.B4 In My Dreams
55.A1 Navigator
56.A2 Stay
57.A3 Ice Angel
58.B1 Go To Hell
59.B2 Resurrection
60.B3 Frozen Heart
61.B4 Verzweiflung
62.A1 Into The Labyrinth
63.A2 Singing Dead Men
64.A3 A New Dawn
65.A4 Beauty And Delight
66.B1 Dreamland
67.B2 Gloomy Shadows
68.B3 Shame
69.A1 Body Move
70.A2 When The Rain Is Falling
71.A3 I Remember (Everything)
72.A4 Lucifer
73.B1 Sunrise
74.B2 Behind Your Mask
75.B3 Engelsblut
76.B4 Escape (Outro)