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"Monument (Deluxe Edition)"


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Release: 2013
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Blutengel - Monument (Deluxe Edition) 2CD

This Deluxe 2CD version in beautiful Digipak contains a bonus disc with 8 more all-new and exclusive tracks!

Infos about the album:Give me your hand and let me take you on a strange and wonderful journey into a dark and fascinating world. With „Monument“, their most opulent album production to date, Blutengel are popularizing Gothic lifestyle in an addictively catchy way. The Berlin-based charts storming band’s talent for transforming off-beat subjects and odes to non-conformism into haunting melodies is effectively complemented by a gigantic production and fresh, theatralic outbursts.

Chris Pohl and his band play out all facets of their one and a half decades spanning career, embarking on an aural journey that manages to keep the listener mesmerized with dark, minimalist club sounds, monumental dark Pop anthems and deep, emotional ballads. Welcome to the dark side... it had never been this irresistible before! ...and if you have tasted blood, come and dance with us!
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Label:Out Of Line
1.A New Dawn To Rise (Intro)
2.Save Our Souls
3.Kinder Dieser Stadt
4.All These Lies
5.Tears Might Dry
6.Uns Gehört Die Nacht
7.Die Zeit
8.When I Feel You
9.Willst Du?
10.Nie Mehr
11.You Walk Away
12.Deine Welt
15.Legend Part 1
16.A Place Called Home
17.Tod Sünde
18.One Voice
19.Wake Me Up
20.Königin Der Nacht
21.I Am
22.Legend Part 2