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"Nemesis: The Best Of & Reworked"


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Release: 2016
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Blutengel - Nemesis: The Best Of & Reworked 2CD

With "Nemesis - The Best Of & Reworked", Blutengel are not only releasing their first official Greatest-Hits-Album, but also a rather special kind of history lesson, presenting classic songs, hits and favorites from the past in the sound of today. Also available as a deluxe double CD, double vinyl and strictly limited fan set featuring an exclusive bonus DVD with all official Blutengel-video-clips & an exclusive logo medallion.

Toying around with the notion ...
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Label:Out Of Line
1.Vampire Romance (Reworked)
2.Children Of The Night (Reworked)
3.Behind The Mirror (Reworked)
4.Soul Of Ice (Reworked)
5.Die With You (Reworked)
6.Black Roses (Reworked)
7.Lucifer (Reworked)
8.Der Spiegel (Reworked)
9.Engelsblut (Reworked)
10.Weg Zu Mir (Reworked)
11.Bloody Pleasures (Reworked)
12.Reich Mir Die Hand (Reworked)
14.Asche Zu Asche
15.Save Our Souls
16.You Walk Away
17.Seelenschmerz (Symphonic Version)
18.Ein Augenblick (Symphonic Version)
19.No Eternity (Piano Version)
20.Dancing In The Light
23.The Oxidising Angel
24.Über Den Horizont
25.Krieger (Electro Version)