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Bocal 5

"Musique Électronique"


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Release: 2016
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Bocal 5 - Musique Électronique LP

Bocal 5 were a No Wave art group composed of Doc Pilot (synths, vocals), Zouka Dzaza (bass), Florian Guillou (synths), Mickey Lepron (electronic drums, bass) and Evy Tinguette (lead vocals). The project was born in November 1980 in Tours, France as the brain child of Doc Pilot. Between 1981 to 1986 Bocal 5 recorded one 7” single and a cassette-only album before taking a year off in 1984 to launch X-Ray Pop. Influenced by Erik Satie, Brigitte Bardot, Suicide and Young Marble Giants, they call their music "minimum naive new wave."

“Musique Électronique” is a 19-track ...
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Label:Dark Entries
2.Folie D'ice
5.La Souris Verte
6.Bb Coquin
7.Mr. Pickett
8.Un Evenement
9.Tarzan Réglisse
11.Babouin Calin
12.La Bombe À Toto
13.Camion Solo
14.Faune Plum
15.Boule De Gomme
16.Bel Angelo
17.En Hop Et En Air
19.Gogol Le Lézard