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Body of Light

"Let Me Go"


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Release: 2016
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Body of Light - Let Me Go LP

Formed roughly 5 years ago in the wasted sands of Tempe, Arizona, electronic dance faction Body of Light have proven to be a teeming creative force within the present-day electronic landscape. From the archaic drones and abstract measurements of their earliest collections, to their prodigious cinematic pop ballads and darkwave compositions, the two brothers, Alex and Andrew Jarson, are no strangers when it comes to blurring the compositional lines that confine underground music. Having worked together and separately over the years within the folds of the co-founded Ascetic House collective, both Alex and Andrew have given life to a variety of projects such as Otro Mundo, Blue Krishna, Somali Extract, and Memorymann, whilst unveiling over a dozen visual, audio, and written works under a variety of monikers in a shortened period of time. Body of Light is simply another extension of that exercised method of immediate and natural experimentation.

Let Me Go frames the ...
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Label:Dais Records
1.How Do I Know
2.Holding You
3.Come Down
4.Let Me Go
5.Last Breath
6.Moving Slowly
9.Cold Gesture
10.World Falls Apart