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Release: 2015
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Bodykomplex - Karma CD

The irrepressible European EBM phenomenon has a new, valid member from Finland: Bodykomplex! After a preliminary test phase, during which they have enthused hordes of fans, Kris and Olaf have Finally created their debut. The music style is characterized by oldschool EBM formulas, intended especially to be danced to in utter fun. Dry uptempo percussiveness mechanically cadenced, intercalated by minimal intersections of synth and by exciting vocals pronounced in Finnish: this is the true essence of Karma, an album full of energy and electro verve. The 14 tracks are distinguished by their perfect linearity, planned through irresistible strategies and through a constant level of inv olvement.

This full-lenght must be listened at very loud volume and danced with all your physical strength: all songs will spread their power and their technological effervescence, catching immediately your senses and leaving you stunned. Bodykomplex are magnificent performers and "Karma" is the new emblem of the classic EBM dance: hearing is believing!
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5.Neuvoa Antavat
7.Tee Se Itse Mies
9.Tragedia Petoksesta
10.Väinö 11 Selviytyjät
11.Karman Laki
13.Työttömän Miehen Blues