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Bordel Militaire

"Bordel Militaire"


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Release: 2014
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Bordel Militaire - Bordel Militaire CD

Absolutely interesting form of neofolk. Sort of "post-neofolk" with very intense deep ambiance who bring you back in the golden age of cruelty, war and symbols of totalitarism. A cocktail of classic film soundtracks, lounge and exotica tunes, and iconic 60’s production techniques. Feat. contributions from Boyd Rice, among others. Take 2 parts of 50′s lounge, one part Morricone, one part power-electronica, one part neo-loungecore, a twist of exotica and a dash of bitters. Shake well and serve with an afterthought of reverb!Bordel Militaire was formed in 2008 by David Tonkin (Isomer) & Ben Taylor (Shifting Shelves) as a lounge-industrialproject, utilising samples, live instrumentation and powerelectronics inspired effects. Drawing inspiration from their interests in 50’s lounge, Exotica, 60’s pop, and classic movie soundtracks, filtered through experience in the post-industrial underground, Bordel Militaire are a one-of-akind experience.
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1.And Sorrow Becomes Him
2.Black Mood Tonight
3.Coco Loco
4.Death Comes Crashing In
5.And She Hit Me
6.Tidal Gin Rip
7.Bonjour Tristesse
8.So Fear The Blinding White Light
9.Midnight At Martini Falls
10.Upon Sweet Whispers
11.My Baby Went Down To The Depths
12.And Again