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Brighter Death Now

"With Promises Of Death (Limited Black Vinyl)"


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Release: 2015
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Brighter Death Now - With Promises Of Death (Limited Black Vinyl) LP

WITH PROMISES OF DEATH is the first new full length album from seminal death industrial legend BDN in eight years. The inaugural release on Roger Karmanik's new label, FAMILJEGRAVEN, created with the sole intention of producing releases from BRIGHTER DEATH NOW in the wake of COLD MEAT INDUSTRY's demise, heralds a slew of planned reissues and new material.THIS IS NOT OVER!The limited vinyl version comes in an debossed cover and is available in white and black vinyl.
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1.Promises Of Death
2.Hate Is For Beginners
3.Tempting Murder
4.The Cover-Up
5.Incomprehensive Evil
6.To Die Lullabye
7.In The Shadows Of Death
8.End Of Worlds