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Release: 2003
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Bruderschaft - Forever CD

All-Star-Projekt der Synthpop/Electro-Größen: Stephan Groth (Produktion, Apopygma Berzerk), Rexx Arkana (Lyrics, N.Y.-DJ), Sebastian Komor (Musik, Icon of Coil), Joakim Montelius (Musik, Covenant), Ronan Harris (Vocals, VNV-Nation) und Stephan Groth (Backvocals und Produktion, Apoptygma Berzerk). Das EP-Album hat 80 Minuten Spielzeit.
InfraRot sales rank:437
InfraRot item number:4577.000
Label:Alfa Matrix
1.Forever (Radio Edit)
2.Forever (Original Club Mix)
3.Forever (Prost Alternative Vocal Remix By DJ Rexx Arkana)
4.Forever (Heiko"s Minimal Electro Remix By Heiko Maile/Camouflage)
5.Forever (Remix By Feindflug Feat. Aeroflot)
6.Forever (Crystal Mix By Patrick Codenys/Front 242)
7.Forever (Kombinat Remix By Melotron)
8.Forever (Anthem Remix By D-Koy)
9.Forever (Clubcracker Remix By The Retrosic)
10.Forever (Psymix By Negative Format)
11.Forever (Darkness Pulls Me Under Remix By State Of The Union)
12.Forever (Eternity Mix By Aiboforcen)
13.Forever (Harlem Hardstyle Remix By Dracos)