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"The Silence Proccession"



Release: 2008
Status: Sold out
C-Lekktor - The Silence Proccession CD

Hailing from Mexico City C-Lekktor has all the rage and anger to fuel hopes that Mexico has yet spawned another electronic monster in the vein of Hocico and Amduscia! C-Lekktor's highly anticipated debut album "The Silence Procession" is a powerful mixture of hard hitting beats, dark atmospheres and beautiful melodies. "The Silence Procession" is a relentless assault against authority and suppression of ideas - depicting humanities decline and self deception and protesting against an oppressive church and blind beliefs. C-Lekktor is now locked and loaded...join the procession. A "must have" for fans of Hocico, Suicide Commando, Grendel and similar acts.
InfraRot sales rank:1,661
InfraRot item number:7996.000
Label:COP Int.
1.Intro (Who The Fuck Are You)
2.We Are All Ready Death
3.Damn Your Faith
5.Our Dark Side
6.Silence Remains
7.See My Hate
9.An Empty Soul
10.De La Gloriia Al Infierno