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Cacophony 33

"Park Home Recordings 83-89"

LP + Single/7"

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Release: 2015
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Cacophony 33 - Park Home Recordings 83-89 LP + Single/7

Cacophony '33' is project by Kevin Kettle from Lincoln, UK, started in around 1982. Formed out the ashes of a Post Punk/New Wave Band Cacophony '33' became embraced by the 'Cassette Culture' bedroom recording movement sharing his recordings worldwide via the 'Swap a Tape' method with other artists.Most of his very rare 20 Tape-Releases were released on his own Park Home Recordings Studio and Label in ultra-limited editions, almost all in a DIY-manner with special packaging. His wonderful style in combining minimal/synth with psychedelic elements are an essential must for every fan of music in the vein of the Legendary Pink Dots.
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Label:Vinyl On Demand
1.A1 Through The Ashes (Edit) 6:04
2.A2 Tunneltown 5:12
3.A3 Pendulum And Portcullis (Edit) 4:55
4.A4 In My Hair 4:55
5.A5 A Lost Cause Won 2:33
6.A6 Instro 2:14
7.A7 Why Can't I Sleep 0:42
8.A8 Ode To Jim G. 3:08
9.B1 Big Brother 4:20
10.B2 Down At The Pool (Edit) 6:14
11.B3 Tick 7:40
12.B4 Saw Throat 4:23
13.B5 Jennifer's Tea Party 5:49
14.B6 Cult Part 3 1:25
15.A1 Asylum Iii 3:50
16.A2 Old Codger Iii 4:37
17.B1 Aerialdom 9:00