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Camera Obscura

"Horizons Of Suburbia"



Release: 2011
Status: Sold out
Camera Obscura - Horizons Of Suburbia CD

Camera Obscura was formed in the winter of 1982 by Peter Oldroyd and Nigel James from York, UK. They met in a nightclub after a gig and four compositions came out of the initial session of writing and two of them, 'Destitution' and 'Race in Athens' became the duo's first 7" single on Small Wonder Records in the spring of 1983. Melancholic electropop was their thing, using mainly the classic Roland TR-808 drum machine paired with an armada of classic analogue synthesisers of the time and Nigel's poetic lyrics, think of Ensemble Pittoresque, Oppenheimer Analysis, Rational Youth, Soft Cell or Twilight Ritual.

After the release of 'Destitution' the duo ...
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Label:Anna Logue Records
Label's catalogue number:ANNA 001-CD
1.Escape From The City
2.Horizons Of Suburbia
3.The Mandarin Man
4.Fever Pitch
5.Vincent Van Gogh
7.Circular Waves
8.Scarlet Vixen
9.Mystery Box
10.Race In Athens
11.Strange Faces
12.Moving The Mercury
13.Village Of Stars
14.Coloured Glass
15.Conscience/The Insect