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"La Notte della Repubblica"


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Release: May 2017
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Carnera - La Notte della Repubblica CD

CARNERA, the "Slowly walking Mountain" is back marching on Western ruins. Two years after their debut album "Strategia della Tensione" (Strategy of Tension), CARNERA goes for a new work "La Notte della Repubblica" (The Night of the Republic). Mixing their trademark Electro-Industrial to Techno, Martial, EBM, Kraut, advanced and spectral Kali Yuga movie atmospheres. Carnera don't know peace, Carnera will take you through the darkest pages of Italian modern history, where chronicle collides with silence imposed byPower, a very black tar poured on the memory of a raped beauty.
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Label:Old Europa Café
1.Pentiti Di Nulla
2.Io So
3.Paradigma Zeitgeist
6.Stay Behind
7.The Global Cold War
8.Il Caso Lavorini
9.Reliquie 7416
10.La Notte Della Repubblica
11.Ksd/ Vi M
12.Kommune 1
13.Dc 9 Itavia