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"The Man Who Coudn't Stop"


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Release: 2012
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Caustic - The Man Who Coudn't Stop CD

It's often the case that when an artist has a critical and commercial success with an album that they hide in the safety of those formulas for their follow-up. Perhaps unsurprisingly, Caustic's Matt Fanale is not that artist. Call it stupidity, call it bravery, or call it both, but Caustic's follow-up to the popular club stomp of 2011's 'The Golden Vagina of Fame' and 'Profit' is the massive 18 track, 75+ minute musical extravamaganza 'The Man Who Couldn't Stop', loosely inspired by each of the 18 chapters of the classic, awesomely mega-pretentious James Joyce novel Ulysses.

And yes, the appropriate response ...
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1.Failing At The School Of Life
2.Laugh Like Mutants
3.Man-E-Faces (Daddybear Vs Caustic)
4.Bleed You Out (Feat. Android Lust)
5.Ghost Like Swayze (IVardensphere Vs Caustic)
6.Bury You Alive
7.Bigger Better Faster NOW!!!
9.Stain On The Coattails
10.Zen Castrato
11.Graver Guru
12.We Never Learn
13.Internet Model
14.The Man Who Couldn