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"Art Plastique"


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Release: 2014
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Celluloide - Art Plastique CD

Art Plastique is Celluloide’s fifth regular album (the album ‘Napthaline LP’ was a special release). The band keeps on evolving and following Hexagonal, their first album fully written in French, the trio has inoculated new ingredients to their electronic pop tunes.For the first time in the band’s career, the mix has been performed by an external member of the group, musician and producer Laurent Cristofol, who had a previous experience with the band when he produced a remix for the Passion & Excitement limited edition. Thanks to his external vision and support, the sound spectrum was given greater care and the band focused more on Art Plastique’s overall feeling and eight songs. From le Baiser Géométrique’s (Geometrical Kiss) opening notes, we can hear Celluloide’s classic sound, but a more minimal line of work appears with immediate and emotional tracks such asAussi vital que l’Eau (As vital as Water) or La Guerre de Cent Ans (Hundred Years’ War). The purposely shorter tracklist has given the band more time and freedom for each song and they have created more developed tracks like Asymétrie (Asymmetry) or the album’s first single, L’Amour est Clair (Love is Clear). Previously, Celluloide’s esthetical viewpoint was shown through their album covers inspired by early 20th century avant-garde and modernist paintings. With this album the artistic inspiration runs deeper and what could appear as a classic love song hides other meanings.
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1.Le Baiser Géométrique
2.Aussi Vital Que L'eau
5.Le Salon Noir
6.Art Plastique
7.La Guerre De Cent Ans
8.L'amour Est Clair