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"Hexagonal (Limited Edition)"


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Release: 2010
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Celluloide - Hexagonal (Limited Edition) 2CD

Just like for the projects' album 'Passion & Excitements', also for 'Hexagonal' there is a very limited edition, coming with the exclusive 'c8b EP', a 5-tracks mini album on semi-transparent CD. This EP will exclusively be available with this limited edition of 'Hexagonal'. The 5 tracks are composed of two remixes of album-tracks plus 3 exclusive songs, recorded during the 'Hexagonal'-sessions.

Infos about the album:If you ever had a doubt: Machines DO have a heart... a 8-bit heart!

For its 5th album, Celluloide locked themselves in their Synthélabo and tried to nail the formula of electronic pop 'à la Française'. 'Hexagonal' is a further exploration of the group's pop and EBM influences with analogue flavour for a very personal and unique combination of electronic music.

It comes packaged inside a very special fold-out packaging.
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InfraRot item number:2007.639
Label's catalogue number:bdmCD14L
2.A Contre Temps
3.Le Goût Du Poison
4.Les 4 Coins De Lu2019hexagone
5.Sans Conditions
6.Et Siu
7.Pilote Automatique
8.Coeur 8-bit
9.Faire Du Bruit
11.Un Conte De Fée
12.Imprévisible (Éventuel Mix)
14.L'instinct De Survie
16.Coeur 8-bit (Pixel Mix)