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"The Hour Before (Limited Edition)"


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Release: 2012
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Cenotype - The Hour Before (Limited Edition) CD

This collection of 5 new Cenotype tracks (+ 3 remixes) takes a glimpse into the heart of men at 'The Hour Before' that intangible time of night when we are capable of most anything. Cenotype is the project of Lenny, aka DJ Wintermute, a long-standing member of the NYC/New Jersey-area industrial scene. Lenny cut his teeth as a dancefloor DJ at several venues around the region, and was inspired by acts such as SPK, Klinik, Skinny Puppy, Dive, Synapscape and Psychic TV to create his own project.

Influenced by the first and ...
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InfraRot item number:2011.719
Label:Industry 8
Label's catalogue number:i8-04
1.The Beauty Of Night
2.3 AM
3.Submerged Aggression
4.Let The Blade Speak
6.6X8 (Cervello Elettronico Remix)
7.She's Dead... Requiem (Intoner Remix)
8.Unearthed In Brooklyn (Vynilrobmix)