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Cetu Javu

"Southern Lands (Re-Release)"



Release: 2014
Status: Sold out
Cetu Javu - Southern Lands (Re-Release) CD

CETU JAVU were a German Electro-band from Hanover, founded by Christian Demere (of Spanish origins) and the 2 Engelke brothers in 1984 and split in 1994. The band landed a string of hit-singles between 1987 and 1990 and especially ‘Situations’, licensed in many countries around the planet, left an important impact on the Electro-scene. I personally remember the guys from German electro act CAMOUFLAGE, who landed a major hit with ‘The Great Commandment’ in 1988 and who were bitterly complaining with their management, that during a promotion trip to the US the only European act that was constantly on US Radios were CETU JAVU with their ‘Situations’ ;-) CETU JAVU self-released two singles in 1987, followed by various singles on Galaxis/Zyx. The only full-length album ‘Southern Lands’ (originally released in 1990) featured not less than 5 singles:‘Situations’, ‘Have in Mind’, ‘So strange’ (originally on Talla 2XLC’s Technodrom International label!), ‘Adonde’ and ‘Get it’ + a number of other strong tracks.

A classic of 80s Electropop – now available again!
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1.Southern Lands
2.Love Me
4.Words Without Thoughts
5.So Strange
6.Get It
8.Bad Dreams
9.Have In Mind
10.Quien Lo Sabia?
11.Fight Without A Reason