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Cevin Key

"The Dragon Experience"


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Release: 2015
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Cevin Key - The Dragon Experience 2LP

Double BLACK Vinyl in deluxe Gatefold-Sleeve + etching on Side ‘D’

cEvin Key’s third solo album is an archival release of material he started recording during the Skinny Puppy “Bites” era and has just now completed with help of Ken Marshall (of Skinny Puppy and Download fame). The album, entitled “The Dragon Experience,” was assembled and mixed by Key and Marshall. Originally recorded in 1985 in Key's apartment, the songs sat on cassette for many years before being rediscovered and dusted off by Ken Marshall. It was a very primitive home cassette studio setup, the same that brought the Center Bullet and most of the bonus tracks from Bites. Immense soundscapes, curious melodies, intriguing samples, and trance-inducing loops transport the listener on a journey into schizophrenia, rehabilitation, and hope.

The model on the cover is Spencer Elden, the now-grown baby on the cover of Nirvana's 1991 album Nevermind. This vinyl edition comes in a beautiful gatefold sleeve with thick spine on high-quality vinyl. The music is on three sides of wax, with etching on side D (yes, the Nirvana baby again).
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1.A1 Shortwave Connector
2.A2 Diagnosis
3.A3 Destructor Beam
4.A4 Running < Back & Forth >
5.B1 Metamorphosis < Theme From The Trial >
6.B2 Maniac Shuffle
7.B3 The Chamber
8.B4 Skeletal Mask
9.C1 Dr Seymour
10.C2 Incandescent Glow
11.C3 Ambient Fruit < Chapter 2 >
12.D: Etching