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"Mass Driver"


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Release: 2014
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Chainreactor - Mass Driver CD

There's hardly another project commited to a hard-line synthesis of noise, industrial and techno beside Chainreactor. Since 2009 the Chainreactor crewmembers from Düsseldorf Jens Minor and Kay Schäfer garantee a continuous deliviery of hardest beats and acheronic sounds to dark clubs around the globe. This July the fourth album "Mass Driver" will be released, challenging monotony armed with hard power-noise. breakbaeats and also calm elements. Chainreactor's consequently forging ahead to drive the masses.
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Label:Pro Noize
1.Narrow Confines
2.Mass Driver
3.Overcharging System
4.Hostile Ground
5.Choose Your Weapon
6.Emaciated Nights
7.Beast In Your Mind
8.No Regrets
10.X2 Cr
11.778 Fragmente
12.Strange Invaders
13.On The Way Home