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"The Silence & The Noise"


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Release: 2013
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Chainreactor - The Silence & The Noise CD

Chainreator is an Industrial/Techno Project from Düsseldorf and was launched in 2009 by Jens M. With his debut album "X-Tinction" he already set new standards for a fusion of techno, industrial and noise. Since then the explosive mixture of these components represents the well known sound of Chainreactor spreading over dark dancefloors around the globe. In the year 2011 Chainreactor enhanced the sounds of the second album "Insomniac" with elements of TBM.

Now armed with a whole set of dark and pumping sounds the new album "The silence and the noise" starts a major offensive on the dark club scenes. Yet again Chainreactor will set new standards for Dark techno and Industrial. Therefore founder and mastermind Jens reinforced his project. Kay S. now supports chainreactor live on stage to deliver even more explosive energy. Restless music for restless minds!
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Label:Pro Noize
1.Der Dritte Ort
2.The Silence & The Noise
4.Wanna Break Out
5.Sie Irrten Sich Alle
7.Kick Ass
9.Gas Panic
12.Fighting Policy
14.Something Different
15.No Awakening