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Children On Stun

"Rough Trade On Cheap Promotions"


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Release: 2005
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Children On Stun - Rough Trade On Cheap Promotions CD

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Label's catalogue number:MACDL959
2.When Lovers Die
4.Shallow White
5.Celebration (Chocolate Starfish Mix)
6.Whiskey A Go Go (Black Fluff On The
7.The Hipster (Chocolate Speedway Mix)
8.Twisted (Kinky Version)
9.Style Police (Vogue Version)
10.Building Boxes (Imaginary Entertain
11.Aunty Crystal's Thieves (Bent Mix)
12.Mondo Weird (Rat Fink A Fuckwit Mix
13.Scum (Terrorist Kickback Mix)
14.Mungbean Chillim
15.Ordinary Day Ordinary Town
16.Hourglass (Trailertrash Mix)
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