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Christian Death

"Ashes (Limited Grey Vinyl)"


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Release: 2015
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Christian Death - Ashes (Limited Grey Vinyl) LP

In every generation there are a few albums that remain as a legacy of their time and grow to become milestones in the evolution of music. CHRISTIAN DEATH’s ‘Catastrophe Ballet’ and ‘Ashes’ are such landmarks. These works are regarded as archetypes of the Gothic scene and played an important part in its evolution. Late singer and band founder Rozz Williams broadened his charismatic vocal approach by adding melancholic singing in the vein of LOU REED or DAVID BOWIE to his distinct rhythmical recitative. It was these albums that were responsible for him gaining the title, “The Father of Deathrock”. The driving power behind the music was guitarist and singer Valor Kand, who has diligently restored the original sounds and artworks, while carefully enhancing the sound by re-maste-ring the albums with their integrity remaining untouched.

Available on grey vinyl for the first time in such top condition, these two legendary works of art can finally be enjoyed in their full glory as it was originally intended!
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Label:Season Of Mist
1.A1 Ashes
2.A2 Ashes Part 2
3.A3 When I Was Bed
4.A4 Lament
5.B1 Face
6.B2 The Luxury Of Tears
7.B3 Of The Wound