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Christian Death



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Release: 2016
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Christian Death - Atrocities LP

Heavy BLACK Vinyl edition.

American pioneers of dark sounds CHRISTIAN DEATH can rightfully claim to be the incarnation of Gothic music. Season of Mist continues it’s re-release campaign on high quality Vinyls, started 2 years ago with ‘Catastrophe Ballet’ and ‘Ashes. All LPs come in a sleeve with gold hot-foil.

Both re-releases feature VALOR KAND and GITANE DEMONE.

All editions of ‘Atrocities’ come with 60 cm x 90 cm full colour poster inside. When 'Atrocities' was originally released in 1986, it marked the transition after the decision of Rozz Williams to quit and Valor taking over as the leading figure in the band. The fourth CHRISTIAN DEATH album represents a daring artistic choice as the album mainly deals with the Holocaust in general and the death camp of Auschwitz and the murderous criminal medic Dr. Josef Mengele. Atrocities features the songwriting skills of guitarist/vocalist Barry Galvin (MEPHISTO WALZ) and also includes a rendition of “Gloomy Sunday” by Rezső Seress
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Label:Season Of Mist
1.A1 Will-O-The-Wisp
2.A2 Tales Of Innocence
3.A3 Strapping Me Down
4.A4 The Danzig Waltz
5.A5 Chimere De–Ci De-La
6.B1 Silent Thunder
7.B2 Strange Fortune
8.B3 Ventriloquist
9.B4 Gloomy Sunday
10.B5 The Death Of Josef