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"Any Colour We Liked (1982-1985)"



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Chromagain - Any Colour We Liked (1982-1985) CD

Chromagain were Luca Pastore (bass, guitar, synthesiser, lyrics, backing vocals), Silvio Ferrero (synthesisers) and Davide Bassino (vocals, lyrics) from Torino, Italy, and was formed in 1982. Chromagain had two other singers (at first Riccardo Acuto, then Danilo 'Dana' Barbero) before Davide Bassino joined as the main vocalist and core member. They started as a post-­punk outfit in 1982, then evolving to one of the top-­notch Italian electronic dark wave bands.

The influence of Joy Division/New ...
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Label:Anna Logue Records
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3.Killing Dome
4.After The Clouds
5.Season Of Steel
6.Wake Up
8.Spot (Whistle)
9.Season Of Steel (Dub Instrumental)
11.Killing Dome (Demo)
12.I Walk In The City
13.Hertzdance ... I Cut My Nerves