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"Box II-1983-1995"

11CD · Box


Release: February 2017
Status: Sold out
Chrome - Box II-1983-1995 11CD

The long-awaited box set reissue of the Damon Edge era of the legendary electro-noise innovators, Chrome!

This 11 CD set Includes the complete recordings from 1983 to 1995, studio and live, featuring some of the band’s greatest unsung albums such as the cold wave masterpiece Dreaming In Sequence, the stunning sequel to the band’s 1977 classic Alien Soundtracks, and the mindblowing concept album The Clairaudient Syndrome!

Each album comes in its own CD wallet replicating the original LP artwork plus an incredible 48-page booklet including detailed liner notes by Chrome historian Neil Martinson (based on brand new interviews with the producers and musicians who worked with Damon Edge on these albums) as well as never before seen photos!
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1.And Then The Red Sun (The Story Of A Cyclops)
2.You Can’T Do Anything
3.Walking And Looking For You
4.Into The Eyes Of The Zombie King
5.Trip The Switch
6.It Wasn’T Real
7.Humans In The Rain
8.Don’T Move Like That (Don’T Dance Like That)
9.We Are Connected
11.As We Stand Here In Time
12.March Of The Rubber People
13.The Ghosts Of The Long Forgotten Future
14.Version Two (Raining Milk)
15.The Service Improves
16.Frankenstein’S Party
17.And If You Come Around
18.I Found Out Today
19.Our Good Dreams
20.Stranger From Another World (From Another Galaxy)
21.Moon Glow
22.The Sky Said
23.Loving Lovely Lover
24.Watch That Now
25.Walking On The Sea
27.Everyone’S The Same
28.Seeing Everything (Emilia)
29.Touching You
30.Windows In The Wind
31.The Venusien Dance
32.White Magic
33.Love To My Rock (Cause Of Me)
34.She Is Here
35.1 I Found Out Today
36.2 Blue Nights
37.3 The Android Stroll
38.4 Walking And Looking For You
39.5 You Can’T Do Anything
40.6 Angel Fire
41.1 Ghost Town
42.2 Planet 14
43.3 Under 3 Moons
44.4 In The Far Corners Of The Unknown
45.5 The Stars Of Ours (Planet 14 Part Ii)
46.You Remain
47.Down The River
48.Hey Hey
49.Look Away
50.Tibetian Nights
51.Let Me Have It
52.As Rabbits Run
53.We Can Be Together
54.1 We Are Not Haunted Pt. 1
55.2 We Are Not Haunted Pt. 2
56.3 Mission Of The Entranced Pt. 1
57.4 Mission Of The Entranced Pt. 2
58.One Million Eyes
59.Look Back At The Alien
60.Looking At You
61.Hercules Cave
62.Monkey Zoo
63.One Day In Springtime
64.Glowing Going Away
65.The Clairaudient Syndrome