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Release: 2016
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Circuito Cerrado - Arrhythmia CD

Alfa Matrix is proud to welcome CIRCUITO CERRADO to its family roster: the hard power noise project of Markko B., mastermind and frontman of the cult dark elektro act C-LEKKTOR. On this 17-track second album “Arrhythmia”, the Mexican act CIRCUITO CERRADO launches a new devastating sonic assault challenging once again your ultimate body and ear resistance to his hard-style power noise torture. The relentless mixture of rhythm noise, TBM and industrial rave dance definitely reinforces and affirms the characteristic sound trademark of CIRCUITO CERRADO. And although this new album clearly reveals a more complex sound architecture and refined production maturity, CIRCUITO CERRADO definitely did not lose any of its rebellious, loud and fxxcked-up attitude and with tracks like the single club-hit “8 Bit Bitch”, “Let The Bass Fxxk You Up” or yet “I Own Your Ass” can't deny it! Other potential dancefloor hits also include the viral “What’s Your Emergency?”, the solid “Hochspannung” and the forceful “T.N.T. (Total Noise Transmission)… With “Arrhythmia”, CIRCUITO CERRADO again sets the bar pretty high for lovers of hard-hitting distorted electro with infectious sample manipulations and will please fans of SONAR, SAM, NOISUF-X and other ALIEN VAMPIRES.

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Label:Alfa Matrix
1.Diag-Noise-Tic (Intro)
3.8 Bit Bitch
5.Sweet Nightmares
6.T.n.t (Total Noise Transmission)
7.I Own Your Ass
8.Let The Bass Fuck You Up
10.Training Day
11.Whats Your Emergency?
12.Macabre Dance
13.The Mechanical Man
14.Stress Generator
16.Hard As Fuck
17.Prescription (Outro)
18.Liebe Macht Blind [Alien Vampires Remix]
19.8 Bit Bitch [Avarice In Audio Remix]
20.Badass Bass [Chaotic Rave System]
21.Shit Happens [Noisex Remix]
22.Stand And Fight [Aengeldust Remix]
23.Liebe Macht Blind [Chainreactor Remix]
24.Shit Happens [Sfx Dj Remix]
25.Noize In The Sky [Iszoloscope Remix]
26.Liebe Macht Blind [Antythesys Remix]
27.K-Os [Acylum Remix]
28.Stand And Fight [Noiz+Zilenth Remix]
29.Noize In The Sky [Fabrikc Remix]
30.Shit Happens [Xotox Remix]