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Clair Obscur

"C.O.I.T. 81-88"



Release: 2013
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Clair Obscur - C.O.I.T. 81-88 Box

This is a CD-Edition of the VOD41-Release "C.O.I.T. A Collection Of Isolated Tracks 1981- 1988", previously published by Vinyl On Demand in 2007 in two different versions.

This edition of "A Collection Of Isolated Tracks 1982-1988" collects 28 tracks from the period 1981-1988 which appeared on singles or on compilations, or were never released before the 2007 release of VOD41. A shorter 15-Track-Version of C.O.I.T. was initially released on CD by Apocalyptic Vision in 1995..

Besides 6 Offset printed Postcards inside the black varnished wooden-box-Set 300 copies it furthermore contains a 7“inch with the 8 tracks from the legendary „La Cassette Noire-T ape. These titles were chosen to give a more complete survey of that period and have been remastered once more with best possible equipment as some of the recordings might still sound quiet rough and raw.

It also contains two bonus tracks which were only part of the VOD-Subscriber-Box-Set; a Remix by G-Nox on CD1 and a 1983 live recording at Pali Kao on CD2.
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Label:Vinyl On Demand
Label's catalogue number:VODCD6
3.Dead End
4.Artistic Slaughter
5.Hear My Voice
7.Zeda (First Version)
8.Sound Of The Toundra
9.Toundra (7" Single)
10.Santa Maria (7" Single)
12.Statues (1983 Live At Le Palace - Lp All The Madmen)
14.Slough Of Despond
15.The Pilgrim's Progress (Improvisation At Radio Nova)
16.Dark Edit (2007 Remix By G-Nox)
17.The Pilgrim's Progress (Instrumental)
18.Die Kinder Sind Allein (Instrumental)
19.The Rope (Live)
20.The Rope
21.Petite Fable (Original) 2:36
22.Ubu (1984 Live At Théâtre Du Forum Des Halles)
23.Barake (A Capella)
24.Smurf In The Gulag (12" Single Cathexis Recordings)
25.Till The Morning Light
26.Conchita's Dance
27.Can't Wait No More
28.Sweet People Like You
29.Blume (Out) (7" Single V.i.s.a.)
30.Séquence / The Last Encounter / Blume / Kriegs Opera (1983 Live At Pali Kao)
32.The Last Encounter
35.Pessimiste Combatif
38.Kriegs Opera