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Claudia Brücken

"Where Else..."


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Release: 2014
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Claudia Brücken - Where Else... CD

Claudia Brücken’s third solo album ‘Where Else’ (follow up to 2012’s acclaimed collection of cover versions, ‘The Lost Are Found’) is, with the exception of Nick Drake’s ‘Day Is Done,’ a self-penned collection of songs that explores different genres and styles – it moves through and around folk, blues, rock, film score, country and electronic music. Every album of her career, solo or in groups, has been a way of demonstrating her passion for evocative musical atmosphere, but this is the first one that does so without relying on computers and synthesisers. As Claudia says: "I always collaborate with different producers and programmers who are obviously bringing a lot of themselves into the project, and a lot of studio gadgetry. Normally my musical settings have been electronic music, whereas with this album, although there are elements of electronica in there, it soon became clear that the sound was going to be as much rooted in folk, blues and even country rock, and for me this was novel and exciting. It was actually exotic. The guitar could create special effects instead of the usual machines, which have become much more ordinary than they were when I first started.”
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1.I Want You
2.Nothing Good Is Ever Easy
3.I Lay All Night
4.Day Is Done
5.Walk Right In
7.How Do I Know
8.Moon Song
9.Letting Go
10.Time To Make Changes
11.Sweet Sound Vision