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"Apropos Cluster"


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Release: 2014
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Cluster - Apropos Cluster LP

Re-issue of the CLUSTER Re-Union album from 1990! “Apropos Cluster” was released in Coralville, Iowa, in deepest provincial America. Youthful enthusiast Russ Curry (sic) set up the Curious Music label on his own initiative to release this very album. “Apropos Cluster” saw the duo arrive in the digital world and was recorded in Roedelius’ home studio in Austria; Cluster combined samplers, grand piano and analogue synthesizers as only they knew how. The listener is invited into the legendary Cluster cosmos, a considerably more complex and fantastic place than it was ten years earlier. Horizons appear more distant, paths more labyrinthine. Moebius and Roedelius paid no heed to contemporary trends in electronic music, instead con-tinuing to trace their own trajectory in a fathomless, surreal world for which they alone possessed the coordinates!
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