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Collection D'Arnell-Andrea - Vernes-Monde CD

Back to atmospheric and mostly acoustic melancholy! The ninth studio-album by Collection D'Arnell Andrea is without a doubt their most beautiful, most mature and 'inspired' album so far! 11 all new tracks invite the listener to continue the imagin-ativejourney begun 21 years ago with their debut 'Un automne à Loroy'.

The lyrics, mostly written in French, draw their inspiration from poems of other centuries, evoking a dreamlike Nature inhabited by faceless 'Fauns' and sleeping rivers. Female leadsinger Chloe's chants (very 'Heavenly Voices') appear to be especially bright and touching on this album - haunting synths and accompanying strings (cello and viola) create an atmosphere like an imaginative breath of a romantic autumn...

The outstanding acoustic guitars finally act as lullabies, that lead through the most beautiful album Collection D'Arnell Andrea have ever done. Aerial and moving! An instant classic!
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InfraRot item number:2008.247
Label's catalogue number:PRIK 146
1.La Beauce, L'Errance
2.Au Chevet Des Faunes
3.The Coming Of Believes
4.D'autres Voix Que Le Vent
5.The World We Leave
6.Les Champs, Demain
7.Dawn Again
9.Les Sables-Mémoire
10.The Wan Plain