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Combat Voice

"Chaotic Universe"


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Release: 2013
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Combat Voice - Chaotic Universe CD

Combat Voice is a Cold EBM duo created in 2010 by Richard Guillaume and Bernard Feron. It's a particular mix of several electronic styles (EBM, Cold EBM, Industrial and Gothic) and these typical influences finally give a special and strong taste!

Richard (Keyboards, composing, mixing, arrangements and backing vocals), has been involved in 1991 in a first project called Combat Noise, pure EBM with vintage sounds. Following a second project in 1993 called Simplicity with Miguel B., a mix between EBM and Techno Music. Also involved in several remixes created for Electro/EBM bands like Void Kampf, VuduVox and ALT-G. Bernard (Vocals, lyrics, writings and side composing): singer of MED, cold electro solo project The Face, former member of Fuze Box Machine in the late eighties and MAAN in the nineties.
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1.Project X
2.The Red Line
3.Absolute Mind Control
4.White Noise
5.Black Fate
6.Chaotic Universe
7.Physical Damage
8.Industrial World
9.Adrenaline Fix
10.Experimental Sector
11.No Return Area
12.Death Melody