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"This Is Where Death Begins"

2LP + CD

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Release: June 2016
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Combichrist - This Is Where Death Begins 2LP + CD

Norwegian-American group Combichrist returns with an unapologetic masterpiece. The new long player “This Is Where Death Begins“ is an apocalyptic behemoth of guitars, electronica, infernal drums and dark elemental force.

Thudding tribal drums, guitars slammed ...
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Label:Out Of Line
1.We Are The Plague
2.My Life My Rules
4.Exit Eternity
6.Time Again
7.Destroy Everything
8.Tired Of Hating You
9.Don't Care How You Feel About It
10.Blackened Heart
11.Pay To Play
13.Black Tar Dove Pt1
14.Black Tar Dove Pt2