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Come With Reverse

"Come With Reverse"


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Come With Reverse - Come With Reverse CD

Come With Reverse was formed in 2010 in Thessaloniki, Greece by Petros Leivadas, Alexander Lykesas and Alexander Passalides. The members of the band received a classical music education and are influenced by all genres of music, as well. Ranging from classical music to traditional‐ethnic music of several countries. is a creative force of dark aesthetics. Painting their music canvas with innermost thoughts and obscure sentiments, they forge a sound that cannot be easily classified: deeply rooted in the Goth rock tradition of the past two decades, their style is enriched with elements of dark electronica, trip hop and ethnic, always maintaining the special dark touch and unique musicality that characterizes them. Powerful and aerie guitars intertwine with inspired keyboard work and dynamic drumming, while the deep emotional vocals captivate the dark rock enthusiast. Their music appeals to fans of THE SISTERS OF MERCY, FIELDS OF THE NEPHILIM, DREADFUL SHADOWS and the early days of DIARY OF DREAMS, yet easily attracting fans of post‐ punk and alternative rock.
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6.Come With Reverse