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"De l’autre côté"


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Release: 2013
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Complot - De l’autre côté CD

‘De l’autre côté’ (From the other side) is the album by French act COMPLOT, one of the leading acts of 80ies French ‘Cold Wave’, originally called COMPLOT BRONSWICK. This album features 10 tracks, all with French lyrics, and sound-wise somewhere in Between 80ies Wave, Post-Punk and gentle Wave-Rock.

COMPLOT BRONSWICK were a very peculiar, unique band of the 80ies French rock/cold wave scene. The combo was formed in Rennes in 1981. At first COMPLOT affirmed its singularity: working the relationship of music and image, finding again the noisy tradition and the futuristic roots of actual music, imaging and directing spectacles to turn concerts into real performance, the stage in scene of theater, the music into acts.
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1.À Force De Ciel
2.De L'autre Côté
3.Le Pouvoir Des Astres
4.Si C'est Amour
5.Le Cœur Résiste
6.Je Fuis La Ville
7.Rien À Dire
8.Objet Du Désir
9.Cette Voix Sans Corps
10.Un Feu Subtil